This month marked the very first Kalye Share Yeah! roadsharing event! Sean and I were asked to design some of the online materials for the campaign, including the main logo for the event. You can see some of the other particulars here. We attended the actual event in these awesome shirts that they had made special. Really happy with how the logo translated into screen printed tees. ETC ATBP did a great job choosing shirts that matched our color scheme!

Despite the short promotion time, so many people were at the roadshare!


On Sunday morning, the southbound lane of Roxas Boulevard from the Mall of Asia to the Manila Hotel was opened by the MMDA to bikers, pedestrians and other alternative forms of transpo. Hi guys!



Lots of bikers made it out too. We were just there as pedestrians but there was a lot of camaraderie on the road. The weather was perfect despite being overcast – it wasn’t too hot to exercise and be outside, but it wasn’t raining either.



The DOST also debuted their electric train! Whaaat! I don’t know if it qualifies as a train because it didn’t use any rails, but it was pretty durned cool.


And lastly, here is a photo of my father and some of his new friends 😀 Hardworking Metro Aides!


Because of the great response to this initial activity, the local city government is going to try to do these more frequently. For updates about upcoming events, check out the Facebook page for what is now Kalye Share Yeah Roadsharing Events!

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