We’ve always loved seeing how other people work. It’s pretty fascinating to see other people’s creative processes because watching a design change from original idea to final output is pretty wild, and also we’re constantly on the look out for ways we can improve our own process by snagging some of our idols’ tips and tricks.

Of course, in the interest of fair trade, we want to give you some insight into our process as well. We think that this is something you readers might be interested in and if we can help some other designers improve their process along the way, that would be super great. These process posts allow us to show what actually goes into working on a project like this, and we also get to show off some cool “behind the scenes” stuff! Fun all around!

Today we’ll be looking into the work we did for Joyride Productions, one of Baby Supergiant’s first projects (that wasn’t our own branding!).


Joyride Productions is a fun little video production company, and those guys really enjoy their job which is something they really wanted to get across with their identity. The goal was to come up with something that was playful, but that didn’t come off as too unprofessional.

Now, that balance sounds like a difficult thing to figure out and pull off, so we began with having them choose some samples of existing logos, and artwork that best represented what they were looking for. The guys at Joyride were a ball to work with, narrowing down what they were looking for, and trusting us with the rest. Here were some samples they chose from our messy moodboarding sessions.


Then it was time to sketch. Guys… Sketch. Don’t go straight to your computer at the start of a project… just… vomit all of your ideas on to a piece of paper and you’ll be surprised with what you come up with.

JoyrideSketch1 JoyrideSketch2 JoyrideSketch3

Since we want to collaborate as much as we can with our clients we had them look through these sketches as well to narrow down our vision for the design. The way we see it, the more involved your client is with your process, the more likely it is you avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road.

Ultimately they didn’t want their logo to be too literal so instead of picking any of the obvious “ride” related ideas, we settled on 3 concepts that had more to do with the emotion they wanted to portray, than the actual meaning of the word.


They picked our second study with the cute little elephant friend. There were still a few changes we needed to make, including refining the artwork, fixing the shape of the head and the back leg, and choosing the right typeface.


We were doing “side by side’s” with our clients at this phase (it definitely helps that they were literally across the hall from us) just so we could get their input on the small changes. When we settled on the final, finished logo, we applied it to their cards and other corporate materials, and I think everyone was super happy with how it turned out!

Calling Cards

You can check out our final output on the Joyride project page of our site!

Hope you enjoyed seeing how we worked on this project! If you have any questions or violent reactions (maybe you don’t like how messy our illustrator anchors were and you’d like to school us) just send us an email, because we’d love to hear from you! Maybe we can work together! Cheers!

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