Process time! Finally managed to sit down and tap out this process entry for Meatworld International’s employee blog and portal, Balitang Por Kilo. We took care of all the graphics and layout that you see on the site. You can check out the full suite of icons and headers we did for them by clicking the image below:


But let’s take a look at how we got there! For this project, we were asked to skin their WordPress, so we were given more functional pegs than visual ones. In order to simplify the design process though, we first decided to design their header, and create the rest of the site based on whichever header they preferred. Here were some of the pegs we used to drive our visuals for the website. Some were provided by the client, and others we chose based on what they liked:


They said they wanted something professional but not rigid – something their employees would be able to take seriously but not shy away from interacting with. From there we put together some treatment samples for the client to choose from, including color and type palettes. These were fun!

For this first treatment, we went with a theme that recalled traditional Western butcher paper with its stamped-on patterns. We softened the rigidity of the vintage newspaper look with a slinky cursive and some illustrations . Using animal engravings and an old-timey slab serif for type, we came up with a treatment that was vintage without going overboard.


The second treatment very strongly referenced the rough paper-cutout execution of the Pulp Fingers website, which was a major direction our client pointed us in in terms of both look and theme. Adding dropcaps also lent itself to the fact that this was also a newsletter, and gave it some gravitas against the handmade cutout lettering.


We let ourselves have a bit more fun with this third treatment, thematically somewhere between the first two studies. An aghast steer reading about itself is always a risk but we took the plunge. We went with a stoic red-and-gold color scheme to neutralize the silliness, but included a blue-and-pink color study just in case the client wanted the concept punched up.


And finally, this treatment played around with the meaning of the website’s actual title and went from there. We really wanted to create icons for this project, so this treatment was built around that idea. We had only done a couple of icons at this point, but if you look at the portfolio post you’ll see that not much was changed going forward.


The client obviously chose the last treatment! Yay! We got to make icons! This is what our final skin for the site ended up looking like:


Really can’t say enough about how easy and pleasant these guys were to work with. Thanks to our friends at Balitang Por Kilo!

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