What a crazy lag between posts! There has been a lot going on, but here’s a small thing we worked on a few months back. Our friends at C3 (Community Centered Conservation) – an organization that works in dugong conservation in Busuanga, Palawan – asked us to design an informational poster for the National Conference on Environmental Science a few months ago.

Here are two of the studies we presented to the client. At this stage, we didn’t really have all of their content yet, and we didn’t have an accurate copy of the distribution map either so we used some placeholders. If you know either Sean or I, try to guess which was his and which was mine!

The clients really liked certain elements from both of the posters, and asked us to consolidate. They also gave us their final content and the proper maps. This is the final poster we came up with:

It’s a lot more toned down, as is appropriate for a scientific conference, but would still stand out in a sea of information! Also more scientifically accurate, and that’s always better, too. Yay science! Yay dugongs! Moooo!

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