Wow it’s been a good while since our last update! Thanks for sticking around, friends! We have a lot of work that’s accumulated over the past year, and we’ll be trickling all that out slowly so as not to bombard you with SO MUCH BABY SUPERGIANT EGADS.

One of the best projects that we were able to work on in the past year has been anything and everything Learntalk. Not only have they been a delight to work with, but they actually do have very practical & useful English courses, with good people running the show. If you are looking for English language solutions we highly highly recommend our friends over there!

Over the holidays, we worked on the illustrations for their introduction video. They handed us a script, which we turned into a storyboard. We had already come up with a distinct style for our Learntalk illustrations – based mostly on the icons we did for their website, and applied most often in their lesson plans, so we wanted to stay consistent with that. Here are a couple of the frames we drew:

Once approved, we then proceeded to render everything digitally. Here’s what some of our drawings looked like:

We are NOT animators, so that’s actually where our work on this project ended! The files we made were then handed off to the mind-blowingly talented folks over at Hide Studio, who then proceeded to animate the crap out of it. These guys did SUCH an amazing job, we cannot stop watching this video – it’s so fluid and beautifully animated and it makes us so so so happy.

Hope it brightens up your day too! Have a look at the finished product!

Thanks again to our friends at Learntalk and Hide Studio! Pleasure making cool things with you all!

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