When we first thought about setting up a studio we wanted our brand to have a nerdy sense of humor about itself. We started looking at science textbooks for inspiration and found ourselves drawn to the idea of stars being born in nebulae as an illustration for ideas being born in the studio. We also felt like the reference was obscure enough to be intriguing and fun.


Following with the celestial theme, we based our icons and visual elements on old star maps and illustrations of constellations.


We believe that graphic design is not just about being creative, but also about being systematic (just like scientific inquiry!). Apparently Sandra believes this means naming the yellow of our color palette “Supergiant Gold”. Sean had no recourse but to agree.



We recreated northern hemisphere star maps to use as recurring background patterns. This took much longer than we expected because we’re huge nerds and felt we had a responsibility to be factually accurate. They didn’t turn out to be that accurate… but we gave it our best shot! Can’t no one say we didn’t try.



These are our typefaces, primarily for our print materials, as well as alternative layouts of our wordmark.



We’re glad to see you checking out our work! We hope this gives you a glimpse into how we do things and what we can do for you!