Balitang Por Kilo is a website and newsletter for the employees of the Meatworld International group of companies. They asked us to help them come up with a WordPress skin for this long-standing blog, and gave us a good amount of free reign to do it. To start the conceptualization process, we were given some visual pegs as well as some parameters (fun but not unprofessional, avoid dark colors). They also asked us to help organize their content, while preserving a lot of the information that had to be on the front page.

We wanted the header design to drive the treatment for the rest of the site, so we started off by creating that. We settled on the rounded ‘kiluhan’ or weighing scale icon, as a fun reference to the site’s title. We also made sure to maintain the newsletter’s tagline.

Everything else grew from there – the choice of fonts for the CSS font stacks, the color palette, even the look and feel of the icons. A lot can be derived from a single image!

To round out the header and to use as elements within the site, Sean designed a bunch of icons of meat-related paraphernalia. They are present on the site as section headers and dividers, and as an accent pattern. Meat meat meeeeeat~

Here are some miscellaneous icons that were designated for use in specific sections of the site.

You can see the site in its entirety at It’s also mobile responsive, cause i’m awesome, so make sure to check it out on your devices as well!

Web design sure is a medium where anything well-done is rare!
Hopefully we meat your expectations!


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