Endocrine Witch (or Dok Bru as she is also known) is the online persona of endocrinologist Dr. Iris Thiele Isip-Tan. She approached us in 2016 to help her consolidate and build her visual identity for her work, which included materials she disseminates to her following on social media, lectures she gives both as an educator and practicing doctor, and patient materials for her ongoing medical practice.

She wanted something that represented her quirky and contemporary approach to patient education, without leaning on the horn too hard on the “witch” persona. To us that meant less Halloween and more Glinda the Good, less cats and a more psychologically neutral color palette. She also wanted something that communicated how she used the internet and social media to educate and connect with her following. Finally, she also wanted something that hinted at her Filipino identity.

We’ll show you all the steps we took to arrive at this final design in a process post at a later date, but here’s the final design she approved as well as the variant for the Dok Bru identity.

We wanted to use a typographic treatment for the logo that veered a bit more adventurous than the sterile type typically associated with the medical profession. The jittery type we modified here fit the client’s intended personality, and feels spooooooky without feeling unwelcoming or unstable.

This treatment doesn’t really work for text-heavy applications, so we chose an alternate headline and body type for her use in other materials. In terms of color, we kept it simple with some soft primaries and just enough contrast to hold it all together.

Now on to the fun part: ICONS! Since we wanted Dra. Isip-Tan to be able to tag the various types of content she had, we came up with some general use icons that she could use in presentations, lectures, on social media materials, and all instances that she might need imagery.

These icons translated into pattern accents that accompany the suite. We also created a more recessive accent that can be seen in the header of this post.

Finally, have a look at some of the other materials we created for this project! Everything from business cards to social media images to prescription pads, we really filled out the roster!

We wish The Good Witch that which she wishes! And to the rest of you guys, good health. Approach this doctor for your daily dose of good advice.


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