FEBC International, or the Far East Broadcasting Company, is a Christian broadcasting, production, and fund raising non-profit organization. Earlier this year, we were approached to help them unify the visual identity of their many global offices. You can see some of their previous identities here:

While there are some similar elements and themes running throughout these marks, they don’t quite feel like they’re part of the same family. As such, we were tasked to create a unified identity for the company and all their related offices.

The new identity was to be unique and consistent across all of its applications to form a stronger international brand. We also wanted to update the identity a little bit so that it didn’t look quite so dated while still retaining the elements that recalled its history.

We’ll show you guys how we got to the final product in a blog post, but here was the final mark we came up with:

This mark was meant to signify the FEBC International office, which is separate from all the other satellites. We decided that the color palette should be the most neutral for this office, and that all the other offices could be distinguished by the palette they used.

Additionally, we created a couple of layouts for any affiliated stations or satellites.

Finally, here are a couple of suggested applications on various materials.

And that’s what we call a logo refresh! Stay tuned for the adaptations for the other global offices!


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