We happen to share a home office with the lovely folks over at Joyride, so we were happy to provide them with branding when they asked for it. They said they wanted something lighthearted and adventurous, that reflected their values of enjoying what they did for a living. They also requested for something that scored a 3/10 on the cuteness spectrometer.


Joyride is a video production company, so the idea was that when the credits roll at the end of their productions, this little guy could float up on his balloon and wiggle around.


We created a bunch of cloud graphic elements to go with their Elephant icon in case they wanted to use them for any animation they might want to do.


We also tiled some of their graphic elements so that they could use it as a recurring pattern in any of their corporate materials.


Joyride wanted to balance being light hearted and being a legit video production company so we went with a more neutral sans serif typeface for their word mark that was still fun.

A fun brand for a hard working video production crew
with just the right amount of cute!