Kalye Share Yeah! is an event that aims to kick-start a national campaign for sustainable transportation. It was organized by a group of lawyers, doctors, government officials, engineers, and scientists, who want to advocate that people walk, bike, skateboard, or carpool around the city instead of just packing the road with cars. The organizers wanted to play off of the recent popularity of the “Kalye Serye”, a segment of the most famous noon-time variety show in the Philippines.


We wanted to make something fun and whimsical, and since the event dealt with roads and traffic we thought it would make sense to use a flowing script for the type. We also used people icons that mimicked road sign pictographs.


We wanted the color palette to hint at some of the elements of an ideal road. This combination of colors has some reference to typical road signage colors. There’s also a Snoop Dogg joke in one of those color names so… have fun figuring that out.


The pattern we created echoes the whole streets and roads theme, and we chose a rounded typeface to compliment the main script typeface of the event logo.


This is the main promotional poster we created for the event which we eventually adapted for Facebook and Instagram.


This is a fun little identity for a really huge project with an ambitious goal! We’re glad we could contribute to something that has a shot of affecting our cities for the better.