Learntalk is an online company that specializes in live English lessons. Their teachers use a special method that allows students to learn English the way that it would naturally be learned, so they came to us for help with their visuals, which they needed to transcend linguistic and cultural borders to reach their clientele.

Their lovely logo and type already existed when they came to us, so all we had to do was come up with material in a unique and consistent style and in their designated color palette. We were tasked with making various icons for their website, and illustrating their teaching materials.

We’ll share some of the illustrations we made for their teaching materials in a later post, but meanwhile here are a few icons and illustrations that they used to accent their website!

Additionally, we created icons that people could use to access their many lessons. Their lessons fell into a number of categories, as shown here.

Under each category was a number of topics, which we also created unique icons for. We really had a lot of fun coming up with each design, and we enjoy how happy they all look together. These were also used as designation icons in their teaching materials. See if you can guess what each assigned topic is!

You can see this work live on their website, at learntalk.org

Remember kids, I before E except after C… unless you’re spelling ‘species’, ‘science’, ‘society’, ‘sufficient’ or ‘seize’, ‘their’, ‘weird’, ‘vein’, ‘foreign’, ‘feisty’, ‘heist’… you know what English is a tricky language but we think these fun icons that make this site easier to figure out, whether you speak English or not!


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