Third Culture


Third Culture is a Toronto-based production company concerned with the intersections of culture in a global society. Their work deals with ideas of identity, diversity, race, displacement and things of that nature through a variety of different platforms, so they wanted the logo to reflect those values as well as appeal to a younger, broader audience. Oh, and they wanted it to be fun! Actually I believe the word used was “whimsical”. We can do whimsical.


One of the main visual ideas that drove the project was the Venn diagram. If you Google the term “third culture”, these diagrams come up a lot! We liked the little overlap that the circles made on top of each other and decided that was a good point from which to develop some custom type.

The company also requested an icon that could stand alone as a userpic, so we decided a monogram might work best for that sort of thing. The overlap between the D and C seemed like a fun place to embed that.



The palette for this was based on an early visual peg the client sent us of Mexican cut paper flags called papel picados. These are made of semi-translucent material that does form shadows when overlapped.



 And that’s all she wrote! This quick little project was a great collaboration between us and the client, mostly because they communicated with us very well. You can see what Third Culture Media is doing on their Facebook page, or keep watching their website for updates.